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Sanyu Co., Ltd.

We are the system vender which makes a more fortunate life and more fortunate environment of an area.


Sanyu Co., Ltd. was originally the Hofu office of the former Mitsui Bussan. When GHQ ordered the dismantling of the former Mitsui Bussan in July 1947, a number of employees established the company to contribute to the rebuilding of the country through construction material sales. Since then, in addition to fuel (LP gas,) construction materials (ALC etc.) housing related products, and computers, we have developed a related work construction capacity, and have worked to become a trusted company.
Happily, we believe that with the combined specialist knowledge and experience of each division since establishment, combined with healthy management, we are able to live up to the trust placed in us by our clients. We look forward to your patronage.

The company's Vision

  • To contribute to the regional community.
  • To seek happiness for employees.
  • To achieve the goals of each employee.
  • Maintenance and expansion of corporate profitability to make the above possible.

Company Outline

Company Name Sanyu Co., Ltd.
Representative Masakuni Fujimoto
Established 1947
Own Capital 7.4 billion yen (as at 2022 settlement)
Paid-in Capital 21 million yen (as at 2022 settlement)
Annual Sales 13.0 billion yen (as at 2022 settlement)
Number of Employees 276 Peoples (as at 2022 settlement)

Sanyu Co. Ltd.'s

Head Office
Address : 9-43,Ekiminami-machi,Hofu,Yamaguchi,747-8622,Japan
TEL 81-835-22-2160 FAX 81-835-22-2530


株式会社 三友 SANYU CO., LTD.〒747-8622 山口県防府市駅南町9番43号
管理本部 TEL 0835-22-2160